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Get to know me

My name is Louise and I am a professional proofreader living in Yorkshire. It’s lovely to meet you and I hope you will continue reading to discover how I can use my proofreading skills and training to help you. I aim to put your proofs through their paces to produce a piece that is a pleasure to read for your audience.

I began my love affair with the written word before I stepped through the gates of my primary school. My mother taught me to read as soon as I began to talk. Little did she know that she had made a rod for her own back. I devoured age-appropriate reading material as quickly as she could supply it. Visits to the library became mandatory on every shopping trip, normally four times a week. Those visits to the children’s corner formed the groundwork for a lifelong love of literature.

You will notice the owl at the top of all my pages. This little silver owl is a paperweight that belonged to my mother. It was among her most treasured possessions and represents the love of reading that she instilled in me.

My proofreading business is called Shire to acknowledge both my home in Yorkshire and my favourite childhood book, The Hobbit, a book that forged my love of literature.

In my spare time I enjoy needlework and jigsaw puzzles; these are also activities that require a good eye and close attention to detail.


My credentials

I am an intermediate member of the Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading (CIEP), with whom I undertook my training to consolidate my proofreading skills. I have taken and passed the CIEP’s proofreading suite of courses. These were three demanding, progressively challenging courses; the final two courses were assessed and I passed with merit. I have also undertaken targeted instruction with the CIEP in spelling, grammar and punctuation.

But proofreading training doesn’t stop there. I am fully committed to ongoing professional development in proofreading skills to ensure that I continue to offer clients the best service possible and remain informed of developments in our ever-changing language.

My background is in administration in the tertiary education sector. Therefore, I am very familiar with rigorous requirements ensuring that a piece of writing is polished in terms of spelling, grammar and punctuation.

I work hard to establish consistency in style and presentation when proofreading work. I strive to balance the author’s voice sensitively with clarity of meaning. Your finished piece retains as much as possible of your original text.

Let me apply the proofreading skills I acquired through training together with my experience to show you what a difference professional proofreading will make to your finished piece. See my services page for more information.

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