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What my clients like

Recent projects

What my clients like

Proofreading testimonials for recent work I have undertaken include:

‘Thank you – you have done a great, thorough job.’

‘You have a fantastic attitude and a good eye – it has been a pleasure working with you on this job.’

‘Thank you so much for the proofread, there were some great catches, and I was extremely pleased.’

‘Once again, thank you for all your help, the book is definitely stronger as a result.’

‘I am so impressed by your attention to detail.’

‘This is fantastic and as ever I am so grateful to you for your professional expertise, help, support and enthusiasm for our project.’

‘I really appreciated the very informative and professional “style” sheet for how you went about the proofreading and correcting process.’

‘Thank you, again, so very much for being part of everything and, as you know, your contribution was immense. The project was about to come to a crossroads or even a halt until your empathetic and professional approach to the proofreading/editing took over.’

Recent projects

My proofreading testimonials were generated from the following work:

  • adult fiction novels
  • children’s books
  • an art book on figurative painting
  • a community book on local history
  • a community book on school memories
  • illustrated memoirs
  • a self-help book
  • a personal account of lockdown
  • academic essays and dissertations

I have a particular interest in proofreading material on counted-thread embroidery, such as cross stitch, needlepoint, pulled-thread work and drawn-thread work. Years of practical experience in embroidery make me well suited to this task.

I also enjoy working on marketing material such as catalogues, magazines and leaflets, where consistency in presentation in layout, images and text is crucial.

I am happy to help people produce memoirs for family and friends in a format ready for printing. It will contain front and back covers and any images and documents you wish to include. It will have full preliminary pages (title page, dedication, contents page and acknowledgements), appendices if required, footnotes and full running headers. Please contact me if this is something you are considering.

Please visit my about page to discover my background and view my proofreading credentials.

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